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There’s nothing like a new sassy hair color to refresh, compliment and elevate your Beat Mom look for the Spring. Hair color is your new accessory!

Let’s talk 2023 hair color trends. As the warmer months are quickly approaching, we will begin to see hair color transitioning form those darker hues of dark brown and merlot to the warm and rich shades of medium to light brown hues. Hues such as sandy brown and copper are already making their way down your social media timeline. For those desiring to lighten their tresses, blondes hues, particularly ashe blonde complimented by a few foils for dimensional color, will be the perfect match up for blondes this season.

As you are preparing for your new color, start by creating a Pinterest or Instagram board of hair colors that speak to you! Make a note of how the color(s) make you feel and what shades of color you see in the hairstyle.

Next, it’s highly recommended to consult with a professional licensed hairstylist.

The hairstylist is your best bet to receive feedback and strategy on the best way

to achieve the desired look without compromising the integrity of your hair!

Here are 7 talking points to discuss with a licensed professional:

  1. Share your vision for your hair color and style (bring inspiration pictures)

  2. Express your concerns and previous hair color experiences.

  3. Ask about hair color options and hues that complement your complexion

  4. Ask about the hair color application process. (single or double process? How much time to set aside for the appointment)

  5. In salon maintenance (structure of your future appointments)

  6. Expected cost of investment

  7. At home care and retail products

A few of Nigel’s choice back bar hair color products

Hair-color services are an investment and it is key to understand the costs and

importance of having an honest and transparent conversation with the professional to ensure the best possible outcome!


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