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A Letter From The Editor

The Beat Mom is a magazine that gears towards the fashionable mommy moguls of the world. Our vision is to empower moms everywhere, to be your own kind of beautiful! We want to inspire all moms that live for fashion, kids, and their home life. We are the new age moms! The powerful outspoken boss women of society. We want to encourage women that they are not defined as just a mom, but a boss mom who is extremely ambitious, motivated, fierce, and outspoken. Whether you are a corporate mom, stay at home mom or an entrepreneur.


We are the super moms, the ones who takes care of not only her family but herself and lives for the unparalleled world of women empowerment all while having impeccable style! We are the true leaders in a new society! Without us, the world wouldn’t go round. Mom’s run the world and it’s about time we start living unapologetically for us!

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