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Relationships are constant work. Does this surprise you? It is very easy to lose touch with your partner amid the ever-evolving changes in life. Couples often forget how or why they fell in love. When you first get married, your loving life and each other. But, by baby number 3 you’ve completely lost touch with one another and are in bed by 7pm every night. No good night kiss, just a quick double check to make sure you’ve completed all your task and then lights out.

Relationships are constantly changing, amid the everyday parallels of life. Often your relationship can become drastically altered after these things occur. You get into more of a family routine. Every day can start to look identical and there’s no spark in the romance department. Your typically extremely tired and just want to have a little me time at the end of the night. However, that time does not include your significant other! It usually includes, grabbing a good glass of wine, settling down in your cozy sheets and getting some much-needed quiet time. That’s great and should be a part of your self-care routine but, there’s still one thing that you’re missing. That’s a little mommy and daddy time!

Intimacy in a relationship is so important. That intimacy can be both physical and nonphysical. Everything doesn’t revolve around sex or does it?! I mean, a healthy sex life is very important but so is the intimacy of getting to know your partners thoughts and desires. We often forget to take the time to create special moments and to reconnect in this way.

Let’s look at a few ideas to help keep that spark alive.

1. Date Night

Grab a sitter and get some time out on the town alone! Put on your best date night look (hyper link ) and grab some food from a local restaurant and enjoy each other’s company.

2. Pamper each other!

Breakfast in bed, bubble bath with a glass of champagne or schedule them a much-needed massage! Anything that your partner will LOVE! This will make them feel special.

3. Take care of you

Have you ever heard the saying “You can’t be good for anyone else, if you aren’t good for yourself”? Well, this is what they are referring to. For you to give a little to anyone, you must incorporate self-care into your weekly routine. Take the time to recharge alone. This is critical! Enjoy a girl’s night out with friends to get away from the “Family Routine.”

4. Impromptu Lunch Dates!

We all know that it is extremely hard to get away sometimes! However, lunch dates are the perfect little day-dates that can make your partner feel special. A quick meet up to discuss what’s going on with your day always fits the bill without kids.

5. The Flirty Text

Often times we send out a reminder message, “don’t forget to take out the trash”, “don’t forget to pick up the kids”. Instead switch it up a bit and send something a little spicy. Let your partner know what’s waiting when they get home with an added emoji. You can even send a simple “I love you”, just to let them know that you are thinking of them.

6. Surprise Gift

Grab him or her something nice on your way home from work!

7. Surprise vacation

Pack your suitcase were leaving! Those five words can work wonders. A spontaneous getaway to whisk your partner off their feet to be alone together. Don’t tell them where you’re going or what you’re doing. This will show your partner that you took the time to plan something special for the both of you to enjoy.

8. Initiate Intimacy

Have you ever walked past your significant other and they gave you a little wink? Small interactions can help to spice up your love life. You want your partner to feel desired. Put energy and effort into making your partner feel good! This in turn can lead to intimacy. When your partner feels sexy, loved and desired they want to be touched. Give a hug here and a kiss there to feel that connection.


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